zSpace, The Perfect Cross Curriculum Environment

How many programs do you run across that can serve multiple curriculums?

Purchasing a zSpace lab can get your Math, Science, History and Language Arts staff all singing your praises; one purchase and many happy educators.

But, zSpace is not about only making the educators happy.

  • zSpace meets and supports the Louisiana State Standards
  • Ideas4ed can assist with the incorporation of your zSpace lab into your curriculum program.


o   We can collaborate with your teachers to create or connect zSpace activities that will support standards in all core areas across grade levels.

o   We can correlate current zSpace activities to Louisiana, Next Generation Science and Common Core science standards across grade levels,

o   We can collaborate with your full staff in creating a living document that is cross- curricular.

Simply put, Ideas4ed and zSpace will work very hard with you to seamlessly integrate a zSpace lab into your school.

Let us know when we can talk.