VR vs AR vs zSpace - Who will win the classroom?

If it is your responsibility to figure out what technology offers 

the most engaging learning experience, 

to the broadest audience, 

at the most cost effective price, 

then this email is written for you. 


VR was the big topic at CES 2017.

VR is a hotter topic than when smart boards or iPads were introduced.  

Kids love the Samsung and Google Goggle experience.

Sony is in the game. 

It is transporting kids to new places and providing new experiences. 


VR is engaging, but does the new technology sit well in a classroom? 

Is there a learning experience?  


It's a burning question for me.  


Over the holiday, I was able to be the tech geek that I am 

and check out the local Best Buy for cool gadgets. 

It was my chance to see the latest and greatest in VR.


VR Goggles

Virtual Reality (VR) goggles are totally immersive and getting more so with every iteration. 

The visuals and audio are awesome. 

Sony and Oculus are incorporating the devices for the hands.  

It is impressive technology. 

It is really cool for a single player.  


Looking at it with an educators eye, 

I could not imagine how you would manage a classroom of kids

with eyes and ears covered.  

There doesn't appear to be a strong focus by any of the headset VR manufacturers mentioned to move from the gaming world to K12 education. 


VR glasses and Google goggles are cool for single application, but out for the classroom.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is amazing. I think the best example of it is still Pokemon GO. The characters overlaid in the real world gets my imagination going about where this tech will go. 


Google has created an AR experience 

for a few museums around the country. 

I'm sure we will see more applications from them in 2017. 


I'm just not sure how well AR can ever work in the classroom 

with the student being tied to a desk. 

For AR to be awesome, 

the students need to move around in different environments. 


Since the Reality part never changes, 

it may not be all that exciting

for student engagement and learning. 

There is no thriving education piece that I could find

and you need to move out of the classroom to be engaged. 

For that reason, AR is out.


Desktop Virtual Reality

zSpace is real world virtual reality as called by the manufacturer.  

I think that description not only sells the product short, 

but really misses the boat in trying to describe the experience. 


To me, zSpace is a holographic experience. 

There are hundreds of objects floating in the air, 

in front of the computer, 

that can be manipulated. 


Yes, it is virtual reality.  

But, until you sit in front of a zSpace desktop computer

and see for yourself, 

I think it is best described as a computer that let's you 

interact with a hologram.  


It is mind blowing the first time you see it. 


It is inspiring the first time you see kids around a zSpace workstation.  

The really cool part about the experience is that is can be viewed by multiple people. 


There are glasses to be worn, but the kids are not isolated like VR glasses.  

Multiple kids can wear glasses and view the experience at the same time.  

Committed to Education

zSpace is also completely committed to creating an educational experience. 


There are hundreds of holographic models that can serve a science teacher, 

a history teacher, 

an arts teacher, 

a geography teacher, 

and an ELA teacher. 


It's safe to say that everyone in a school can use zSpace. 

Any subject area can be enhanced with the zSpace product. 

Check it out here: http://edu.zspace.com/activities/ . 

For that reason, zSpace is the WINNER.

Planning 2017/18

If you are working on your budgets for next year, 

trying to figure out the best bang for a school buck, 

and want a product that will engage all the students

across multiple curriculums, 

check out zSpace. 


We can bring a demo unit out, 

so that you can see first hand how well it engages students 

and how easily it will integrate into your curriculum. 

There is even a zSpace tour bus with a dozen stations.


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