The Ideas4ed team is focused on improving education with Innovative Programs and Services.

Several of our featured K12 education producs.

Pitsco Education

Pitsco helps students excel with a variety of hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classroom solutions that are equally robust and engaging. 


The zSpace system integrates into your normal life with desktop virtual reality that allows you to seamlessly move in and out of zSpace back to the real world.

ideas4ed Apps

Ideas4ed has developed high quality Apple iPad Educational Apps.  Learnit Education offers Pre-Algebra and Algebra instructional lessons and the "Now I know" series delivers Montessori based education apps.


zSpace Virtual Reality for Education


Watch the video below to see how zSpace Technology is changing STEM Education


We can help you integrate zSpace into your curriculum.  We can help design your classroom, specify and purchase zSpace units, install and train you on how to bring your students a true Virtual Reality learning experience they will never forget.

Makerbot In Education

Quick Start a Makerspace with a Few 3D Printers


Real-World Applications of Steam

MakerBot offers a full set of solutions and services that enable students to tackle real-world problems — at any grade level.

Classroom-Ready Content

With MakerBot, educators can connect to Thingiverse Education, a community rich in content and access to tools that are easy to deploy.

immersive learning

By choosing to 3D print with MakerBot, educators can make learning immersive through sight and touch, transforming the students of today into the innovators of tomorrow.


Pitsco Education Hands-on Curriculum


Ideas4ed currently represents Pitsco Educations's full line of "Hands-On" learning products. Targeting Career and Tech Ed, STEM, Algebra and Dropout Prevention, Pitsco products offer meaningful learning experiences that expose students to in-depth project based learning that deliver core subject curriculum and career linkages.


Ideas4ed Apps


Ideas4ed has focused on working with a few app development companies to deliver high quality Apple iPad apps.  Learnit Education Apps offers Pre-Algebra and Algebra instructional lessons and the "Now I know" series delivers Montessori based education apps.



E-Learning Software Development


The Ideas4ed team has produced hundreds of hours of engaging, dynamic elearning content that's raised test scores of thousands of students. We know how to hold your learners attention, and teach them effectively with a combination of solid curriculum development, and exciting multimedia.




How we can work with you

Ideal Technologies are app development consultants, designers, media-producers and educators. We'll help you achieve bottom line results through strategic planning, innovative design and efficient development. Leverage our experienced team to:

  • Develop custom product from the ground up.

  • Support and improve your current product.

  • Migrate and enhance a legacy product.

  • Rescue a troubled development project.

We'll assign you a small, focused team to provide exceptional quality in every detail, throughout the entire development process. Each project is led by an Ideal Technologies project-manager who works directly with you. We're ready to deliver an amazing, cost-effective, reliable custom software solution that matches your unique requirements. From mobile devices to server based solutions, we'll focus on your goals, your budget, and your success.